Quarantine Diary
At-Home Jewelry

At-Home Jewelry

The Quarantine Diary by MAM is an artistic representation of our lives during the quarantine. It’s about exploring the connection to our loved ones, discovering the indoors and learning how to make ourselves happy with nothing more than our own company. This at-home jewelry story invites you to learn about self-acceptance and doing things just for yourself.≤br>We believe that dressing up with nowhere to go is OK. Our quarantine jewelry has allowed us to examine recurring themes of self-care balanced with isolation. Join us on this journey when you choose pieces featured in the Quarantine Diary to dress up your me-time.

Mix & Match

Part of what makes MAM jewelry unique is the capability to mix and match each individual piece. Wear anything here however you want. Just because an ear cuff is traditionally worn one way doesn’t mean that’s the only way to wear it. Take the ideas within our at-home jewelry designs and run with them to wear our jewelry and accessories your way.


MAM is all about self-expression. Standing for something. Believing in a mission.

Our mission is to help save the world through sustainable jewelry designs and breaking down the boundaries of ways to wear jewelry and accessories. Our quarantine jewelry is another way in which we can challenge the conventional and stand up to the status quo through design and artistic expression. We encourage you to take a look at our at-home jewelry and continue your journey by using it to make your own voice heard.