A smart wearable backpack space-ally made for the future.

EVA-P is an Unisex backpack from MAM as functional as it is seductive. An Ergonomic design that is both practical and beautifully alien.

Die faszinierende Silhouette und das architektonische Konzept von EVA-P stellen die konventionelle Sichtweise eines jeden Rucksacks infrage, während die nachhaltigen Materialien und der Herstellungsprozess die Kernbotschaft von MAM widerspiegeln.

A powerful, unique and easy to wear futuristic backpack inspired by outwear clothing.

The front of EVA-P is a fashion statement never seen in a backpack.

The lightweight EVA-P unisex backpack is available in two different sizes: large and small.

EVA-P is Genderless

EVA-P is made of Water Repellent Materials.

EVA-P is made of Vegan Coated Cotton Canvas

EVA-P comes with Adjustable Shoulder Straps.

EVA-P have Inner Padding & Pocket for Laptop Protection.