The MAM Jewelry Store Sale

Accessibility is in the Archive

Inclusive design is one of the most celebrated revelations of the century. Or at least, we think it should be. The industrial revolution led the way towards a fresh sense of freedom for the design world. We can now create anything. However, it also set the stage for mass produced, uninspired styles that are brought to life by machines. Designs for everyone, made by no-one. Designs that never dare to break the mold.

Somewhere along the way, design lost its identity. For us, there’s no moving forward if we don’t escape that sentiment. We don’t want to create just anything. We want to create your thing. At MAM, our affordable jewelry archives bring a new dimension to accessible design.

This is Our New Revolution

Industry is changing, and the industrial is out. No more cookie cutter clichés. We’re thinking outside the box, beyond the standardized styles of yesterday. To think beyond that box, we must experience life for ourselves.

We make new solutions to everlasting problems, every day realizations that industrial machines could never know. Our affordable jewelry is made by humans, for humans – whether it's in the sale or not. This jewelry store sale leaves the unexceptional behind. We’ve always replaced the mass produced with styles that tell your story... Not everybody else’s. Our affordable jewelry and accessories archive makes individuality accessible, not extortionate.

You Set the Trends

This is where you come in. Our jewelry store sale doesn’t mean uninspired and unwilling to change. Progress happens with change. It happens with originality. This is part of the MAM identity, our unique design handwriting.

Make your own change today, and invest in something priceless. Inclusive design is all about taste. It’s about individuality, making a statement. Always open to interpretation. Our affordable jewelry sale is worlds away from fast fashion. It’s for the fashion forward, for the trendsetters. It’s for you.